Ideas for outings

  • Local tourist sites
  • Museums
  • Coffee shops
  • Garden centres
  • A mystery trip
  • The local ice cream farm or parlour
  • Open gardens
  • Theatre
  • Craft shop/unit
  • Boat trips
  • Train rides
Picnic by a local canal

Tips for running trips

  • Visit the place in advance to ensure parking, accessibility, toilets, etc.
  • If you have a transit wheelchair take it with you just in case someone finds the walking difficult.
  • Explain all the arrangements well in advance. This might include the cost and if food will be involved.
  • Although our weekly programme is free, we may charge for outings. Some councils have grants to fund elderly activities.
  • If the cost is a larger amount, we will organise payment by installment.
  • We have used hired mini buses and or volunteers’ cars. Ensure you can fit walking aids into the cars you intend using.
  • Consider asking for extra volunteers to help with the outing.